At Mechanism, our mission is to grow the GDP of Bitcoin. We design and build protocols on Bitcoin using Stacks. We believe in a future where Bitcoin is the money layer and Stacks is the programming layer. Fix the money, fix the world, as they say.

Most of the ~$1T in Bitcoin is sitting idle. In the near future, when many billion dollar Bitcoin protocols exist, it will have been obvious in hindsight that Bitcoin was the ideal substrate for our financial future. Our team has raised $8M to build that future.

Mechanism is a tiny startup. You’ll work directly with us, the founders.👋 We were also early on the Stacks team: Jeff was Head of Product at Hiro while the Stacks blockchain was developed. Hank was a lead engineer and worked on the Stacks dev tools and the Hiro wallet. We’re excited to share that expertise with you. What to know us better? @jefftoshi and @heynky

We’re hiring full time roles, but also want to take a collaborative, community-driven approach to protocol design. We want to work with founders, or small founding teams, as EIRs (Entrepreneurs in Residence). Are you a Bitcoin dev? You can do cutting edge R&D as an EIR. Are you a degen protocol builder that also loves Bitcoin? We can help port that knowledge to Stacks as an EIR.

Hope to see your application or hear from you on Twitter!

—Jeff and Hank

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