Senior Engineer

Contract in United States - Remote OK

Mechanism is looking to hire our first software engineer to help us build out the ecosystem surrounding Bitcoin and Stacks. You'll get the chance to work at the cutting edge of a growing industry. The opportunities we're taking on are technically challenging and intellectually stimulating. As an early team member, you'll have a huge impact with high autonomy.

Because we’re a small team, your contributions will require wearing many hats that will vary over time. If you're the type of engineer who loves novel problems and isn't wary of learning new things, you'll likely fit in very well with us.

You'll be working directly with our technical co-founder, Hank Stoever. Hank was a lead engineer at Hiro before starting Mechanism, where he built the Hiro Wallet and contributed to developer tools.

What you'll do:

  • Write smart contracts for the Stacks blockchain, using the Clarity programming language
  • Build front-ends apps that interact with Stacks and Bitcoin
  • Help us design new protocols. This might involve mechanism design, tokenomics, security analysis, modeling, architecture and more
  • Write back-end apps that interface with Stacks and Bitcoin

These are some traits that might be found in an ideal candidate. We're not asking you to check all these boxes, but they'll hopefully show how you can be successful in this role.

  • Experience building modern front-end applications that are fast and lightweight
  • An expert ability to turn a visual design into a full end-to-end application
  • Experience with building smart contracts (regardless of the blockchain)
  • Solid technical understanding of how Stacks and/or Bitcoin works
  • Familiarity with the latest innovations in DeFi
  • Experience working in a startup environment
  • An ability to thrive in a role that requires autonomy and the ability to seek out and solve problems
  • A passion for web3 and a desire to use it to improve the world
  • Knowledge of common smart contract vulnerabilities, and the ability to build and test protocols with security as a major priority

Here are some of the tools we love to build with. If you're not an expert with these specific tools, that's ok. If you think there are ways we can improve our tech stack, we encourage it and are always open-minded.

  • Typescript is the only language we really use, other than Clarity for smart contracts
  • React for front-end development
  • Jotai for state management
  • React-query for async data
  • Micro-stacks for all Stacks-related utilities
  • When it comes to Bitcoin development, we use tools like bitcoinjs-lib and Electrumx
  • Clarigen and Clarinet for tooling around smart contract development

Finally, here are some of our values:

  • We truly believe that decentralization and the democratization of finance are going to change the world for the better.
  • We value open source and love to share the things we build. We built and maintain Clarigen, and have contributed to most of the major open-source projects in the Stacks ecosystem.
  • We know that deep work is key to success, and try to minimize meetings and other distractions as much as possible.
  • We take code quality seriously, and we know that it's key to building and maintaining healthy and robust codebases.